Saturday, October 27, 2012

Online Communicating...Be Careful!

Last night was my school's Fun Fair. It was a long day but very fulfilling. I got to see students whom I taught many years ago. I see many of them on Facebook so when we were hugging, we commented that it was great seeing each other in person. Oh my, some even had their own children!

I posted about the Fun Fair on Facebook after I came home. Students who saw me replied that is was great seeing me (Mrs. Ahuna) too. Sometimes I forget that I have past students as friends because I block many of them and they usually do not reply to my posts. I once posted that I was frustrated with my class and that I was seriously thinking about a career change. This was an OMG time for me...those students came out of hiding and responded and responded. I did feel appreciated and loved, but I also felt embarrassed. I learned a lesson that day.

When we were introduced to Google+, I thought that this was the answer to adding students. Since it has the Circles features, I saw that I could arrange all my students into different circles. Then when I want to gripe, they do not have to see it. Unfortunately, Google+ has not reached the masses yet. It will be a great tool for me when it does take off.

Until that happens, my rule will remain. My students can only request for me to be their friend after I am not their teacher anymore. Since I've switched to being a resource teacher, I teach all grades. Some of my last year students asked me why I didn't accept their friend request. I told them...because I'm still your teacher. I get groans from them, but my rule stands. "I'm your teacher," I tell them, "not your friend."

Since I block many of my students from my wall, I do not see everything they are doing. When I have the time, I visit their individual walls to check on them. It's obvious though, that they don't block my posts from their walls. After that one post a few years ago, I know I have to be careful.

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