Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where Has Time Gone

Last week I realized I finished my 1st year of this master's program. It has been a tremendous year of learning and meeting new friends. I have to say that realizing that I can still learn has been a true blessing to me. A bigger blessing has been meeting some great people who I now call friends.

I have juggled family life and all that comes with being a wife and mom. I continued exercising to take care of myself. I adapted to my new job as a computer teacher to all K to 6 students where I found out that I also love to help with the technology needs of the school I am at (only because I have a true love for solving problems).

I have to say that I'm glad this semester is over. This one was particularly difficult for me. I had three classes running at the same time. I had to stay organized and set priorities to make sure I got everything done. I was busy all the way up to the last days...this was a true test of perseverance for me. 

I found it is good to talk with the people you are close to when you feel overwhelmed or lost. I have to thank my friend, Sharon, for that. She takes a genuine interest in what I am doing in this program. She allows me to talk and she is an active listener. By allowing me to talk and listening to her responses, clarity has come when I was totally lost. Sharon is not only my exercise partner, she is what I would call a wonderful friend.

The time has gone but it was not wasted. I learned a whole lot about myself, and I must say I am impressed with what I am capable of doing. And, let's not forget why I'm on this journey...I also learned a whole lot about educational technology too.