Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Last Friday, I went to a workshop that taught me how to use my interactive board. I learned that to make my own flip chart, I need to understand layering. I need to know what's on layer 1, what's on layer 2, and what's on layer 3. I need to know what layer an object is on so I know what it can do. As I was sitting there listening to the instructor, I thought to myself..."This sounds like my life right now!"

With the semester winding down, I'm busy working on final projects. Right now, this task is taking up much of my life. But, what layer is school on in my life?

Well, here's the break down...

On layer 1, you would find me.  I need to take care of myself so I can take care of everybody and everything in my life. I need to make sure I'm eating (yes, I tend to forget to eat when I'm busy). I need to exercise to keep my energy up and the stress down.

On layer 2 is my family. I need to take care of my family's needs. On a weekly bases, I cook dinner about three times a week (we eat left overs or get take out for the other days), I attend my son's soccer games about 2 to 3 times a week, I help him with homework at times, I wash/fold laundry weekly, and I tidy up the house when it bothers me.

On layer 3...well, on this layer it would have to be between my work and my school. This is the layer where I spend all my "free" time on. I look at it this way...when I'm not working, I'm working on my school assignments. If I'm not working on my school assignments, I'm at work. I now call work a distraction. A good distraction, that is. You see, my work helps me to forget about school assignments for awhile. I love that I get to work with elementary children, and I get to see the innocence in their eyes. They are wonderful reminders of what is important in life.

Even though the layers of my life are off, I know it's only temporary. I'll be back to normal in a month. The layers on my flip charts, on the other hand, are perfect. They're doing what they are supposed to be doing right now.

With that, I must say that I, too, believe that even though my layers in my life are off right now, I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now.

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